NO/R Crop Hoodie 'The Gaurdian' v.1

$ 39

The Guardian v.1 , Unknown futures edition.
Also available as NFT on



About the art:


When facing uncertainty,
the right action is always love.
Their existence is just as real as ours.
We are beings within Beings

The goal is to share a collection of sentimental art, supporting mind, body and spirit. It's been an odyssey of exploration and creation to realize this simple concept. The Guardian represents a set point in the evolution. With a deep desire to waken the love and courage within I called upon my Guardians. They are illustrations of protective intuitive souls with high vibrations.  Their eyes are filled with dreams.  I hope you carry one with you along this journey and look good doing it too :)




About the hoodie:


Nothing looks more stylish and chic than a well-designed crop hoodie. As such, this one won’t disappoint. It’s not just a super stylish crop-top hoodie, it is also super comfy due to being made from soft three-end fleece with ultra tight-knit construction. It’s that tight-knitting that makes printed surfaces really stand out.


.: Raw bottom hem
.: Relaxed fit
.: Soft 3-end fleece
.: 85% Ringspun cotton, 15% Polyester
.: Lightweight (7.0 oz (240 gms))

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