From Code to Craft: My Transition to Leather Artisanship in a digital World.

The fashion industry, a realm constantly pulsing with change, is seeing an exciting shift towards the small yet significant: micro handmade accessories and handbag companies. Here is a quick take on the trends I've been seeing.

A notable shift in perception has occurred. Luxury isn't just about a label and a price tag anymore. It can be about a story — one that begins in the palm of an artisan and concludes in the palm of your hand. It's a reflection of internal and external evolving values, those that challenge norms and reshape aesthetics to meet the moment. Another admirable trend is the growing emphasis on sustainability.

Sometimes, luxury items might remain untouched in your closet, never gracing the world outside. However, I've observed a heartening trend among stylists and fashion enthusiasts: they're revitalizing their wardrobes through luxury clothing swaps. This not only promotes sustainability but also diminishes the allure of fast fashion. granting a second life to luxury items, allowing a new owner to cherish and see them in a renewed light.

There's a resounding call for authenticity and personal touch. Discerning fashion aficionados are setting their sights not just on luxury, but on the distinctive allure of uniqueness. This is where No Rehearsal Labs steps in. For years, in between work, I have been honing my craft, in hopes of channeling these skills, passion, and attention to detail into every creation. And now, I am thrilled to unveil the newest line: the Krioyo Chic Collection. It's taken me a while to make my first post as a small business owner and artisan.

February, this year I decided to take an extended hiatus from the tech space. I've had the privilege of working with some of the best teams in the world: Oracle, Microsoft, Stanley... Yet, I still chose this impromptu sabbatical to reset and move forward with heart and intention. Between coast-to-coast travels, looming deadlines, thrilling projects, innovation, and new normals, I've held onto a craft and project dear to my heart: NO/R, pronounced 'No Rehearsal Labs.'

The aim has always been to learn and continue to master leather craft , pattern making and construction to create pieces that speak to the heart. To remind us all to be in the moment and hold what you value with grace, style and some joy. I recently celebrated this transition with a Beautiful Trunk Show that was held at Jerrimiah James Styling Suite in Atlanta GA.

Jerrimiah James provided the perfect setting for this gathering. The ambiance and arrangement were perfect and seamless matched my vision for No rehearsal brand. Each item from this collection is a tale of dedication, a testament of my journey , and a reflection of soul. I believe it will resonate with those who don't just wear fashion but live it, cherishing the narratives behind their chosen adornments. NO/R promises a bespoke experience where every piece is a labor of love, from my heart to the hands of a connoisseur. Luxury isn’t just a label, it’s a story – one that starts from the palm of an artisan and ends in the palm of your hand.