Hey there,
Steph here.

I am an artisan from Curaçao currently living in Seattle, WA and I am also a product designer at Microsoft.
No Rehearsal is inspired by our hectic modern day lives which may have lead me to fall in love with slow fashion. So far, it has been a thoughtful exploration of the merging of technology into the creation of everyday accessories involving unique collaboration with local artists. 

The materials I use are personally and locally sourced with the highest quality beauty and durability in mind.  I keep every last remnant of the materials I can salvage because every moment counts. 
These are one of a kind pieces inspired by my fellow humans who delight in life, love sophisticated design, are not afraid to revel in the world with a little whimsy. 

NO/R stands for “No Rehearsal”-- and signifies that we must continually live in the present.

So, my loves there is  NO REHEARSAL – Required.

As with any premium leather goods it is recommended that you apply a protective leather spray. The bags are treated to withstand 'light rain’ and day to day wear. Never submerge your leather item in water (NOT MACHINE WASHABLE) . The variations in the natural color and patterning of each cowhide ensures that every bag we create is slightly different than the pictures shown.

Please allow up to two weeks for your Bag to be made and shipped.
Complimentary shipping on all US orders.
International orders will be considered on a case by case basis.
Please contact me.