NO/R, pronounced as NO REHEARSAL, is a leading fashion-forward brand that beautifully blends Atlanta inspired avant-garde with unique Caribbean flavors. NO/R is thrilled to announce the launch of the much anticipated 2023 The Krioyo Chic Collection by the talented designer Stephanie Hasham. The handbag collection will be showcased on August 17, 2023, during a trunk show held at the trendy community of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, Hasham’s distinct vision and craftsmanship, promises to redefine elegance and style in the world of handbag fashion.

Stephanie Hasham originally hails from Curaçao but currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. With Hasham’s background in fine arts and tech, she’s always been interested in woodworking and has also explored sculpting by incorporating unique shapes into her designs. In 2015, Hasham was inspired to launch NO/R due to her love for fashion and modern life. Each handbag is a work of art, reflecting the designer's passion for creating statement pieces that inspire confidence and captivate fashion enthusiasts. According to Hasham, the NO/R brand is a thoughtful exploration of emerging technologies, sustainability, and usability in the creation of wearable artisanry. “We should live life passionately and without fear, because there is no rehearsal,” Hasham explains.

In September 2022, Hasham launched THE DOLLHOUSE COLLECTION, her first drop of ready-to-ship items and an augmented reality photo exhibition. The Dollhouse collection is a limited run of genuine leather mini handbags and cardholders, each one unique and handcrafted with bold, classic style. Following an inspirational trip to Japan in 2022, Hasham also launched the limited TOKYO SERIES, where she experimented with new patina’s, shapes, and leather blends. Encouraged by the positive feedback, Hasham has been working hard on the next collection of handbags and designs.
With the August launch of THE KRIOYO CHIC COLLECTION, Hasham captures the many unique flavors of the Atlanta landscape, infused by the ever-present Caribbean elements. Crafted with the finest materials sourced personally, every handbag is designed to stand the test of time while maintaining its luxurious appeal. Hasham is also committed to sustainability and implementing responsible practices throughout the production process. Clearly understanding the importance of functionality in handbags, Hasham’s creations perfectly blend style and practicality. In a nutshell, Hasham is excited to share her vision with the world, stating, "I've always believed that handbags are not just accessories; they are an extension of a person's personality. My designs are inspired by individuality, and I'm thrilled to introduce a collection that empowers people to express their uniqueness.”
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No Rehearsal Labs Creative director Stephanie Hasham
Designer Stephanie Hasham's Dollhouse Collection
Photo credit: Helouise Verstraete - Farielle Photography 


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